skryb: about mailing lists


Mailing lists are an old form of communication over the Internet. Actually, they go back to the BITNIC network of the early 80s. Members communicate via email. There is a special email address, known as the list address. When a member writes to the list address, the message is sent all members of the mailing list. Sometimes people say the mail is “posted”.
A mailing list is sometimes referred to as a “listserv”. This usage is incorrect. ListServ is trademarked term for a software product series by LSoft Technologies Inc.
Mailing lists are still widely used by the Internet users to discuss topics of all sorts. They have several advantages over web-based forma. You don’t have to register to a special forum to post. You can use the editor in your email system. This something you are likely to be familiar with. One important problem is that there is no good system to archive mailings and to display them on the web. This is is where skryb tries to come in.